How many Transformation projects can I create for one Codebase project?

As much as you want. The only limit is the number of projects you are allowed to create on AWS Blu Insights (see your profile).  

How do I specify permissions on my Transformation project?

You can specify the permission of a Transformation project by updating the permissions of the codebase project since the transformation center inherits all the permissions of the Codebase project. Regarding the modules Inputs and Velocity, we grant all permissions for all members of the project.  

Why I can’t download the inputs and the transformation outputs in my Transformation project?

We prevent the actions of download, if the role you are using prevents the Download action.

How can I invite new users to my Transformation project?

To invite a user to a Transformation project, you need to first invite them in the referenced codebase project, and grant them the permission to access the Assets module in the referenced codebase project. See How to create a Transformation project.

How many Velocity versions are available?

The most recent 100 Velocity versions are available in the Transformation Center service.

Why I cannot see Velocity version x.y.z?

Every day, two new Velocity versions are released. Only the latest 100 versions of Velocity are available in the Transformation Center service.

What can I do when a run fails?

If a run fails, you may need information to understand why. The first thing to do is to check the logs of the failed action. To do so, just check the concerned action (one marked as failed) and click on “View Log”. In most of the cases, the information you need will be at the end of the log file. Note that when an action fails, all the next ones will be “Aborted”. If the previous step does not help you solving the issue. You may try to relaunch the entire run. The section Re-launch run of the page Velocity Runs contains more information about this.  

Why do I have an exclamation mark on my Transformation project?

This icon appears when your project is no more supported by Velocity, i.e. does not contain anymore legacy source code file that can be transformed (see more on Create a Transformation project).

Why is my Codebase project missing in the project list when I try to create a Transformation project?

You might not find the codebase project you are looking for into the Codebase reference projects list if:

  • it does not contain any file whose type is supported by Velocity (see Supported languages and extensions)
  • you are not a member of the codebase project
  • you are creating a billable project and you are not the Codebase Creator.

Why do I have a warning telling me I cannot launch runs?

You might see this warning in the following cases:

  • The Transformation Center project reached the limit of the 50 authorized runs. In this case, remove old Runs to be able to launch new ones.
  • The Codebase reference project contains unauthorized files. You may reach out to your AWS Blu Age contact to double check.

Why is the “Issues” tab missing in my velocity run table?

The issues view is only displayed when you have selected some issues from your runs. See more on Transformation Center Issues.

Why I’m not able to create more projects in the Transformation Center?

You have reached the limit set by your AWS Blu Insights role (linked to certification level). You can click on your avatar in the upper right corner to show the menu and see the limit.

I'm not an L3 Certified, can I generate the source code?

No. Only L3 Certified are allowed to generate the source code. If you are L2 Certified, you can download the Weather Report which is sufficient for the Assessment phase.

Why am I only able to run Weather Reports?

Billable accounts must not be Isengard ones. To ensure your account can be billed, Isengard accounts can only generate the Weather Report which is sufficient for the Assessment phase.