Create a Project

The usage of the Transformation Center will be charged following the pricing model described here. All the details on how it works are described here.


AWS Blu Insights offers a Transformation Center feature which will help you get through the transformation process of the inputs provided by a Codebase Project. The Transformation Center project creator’s AWS account is billed for lines transformed (by any project member) and weeks of usage of the Transformation Center project.

Creating a new Transformation Center project is accessible through the “New” button. A few elements are asked to complete the creation : a name, a customer, a description, and a referenced Codebase Project. When this latter is selected, the project name and project customer fields are automatically filled (if nothing has been entered).

For a Codebase project to be acceptable as a referenced one, it has to follow this rule:

A Codebase Project is considered a valid reference for a Transformation Center if it contains at least one file considered as eligible for transformation.
A file is considered eligible for transformation if it has a valid legacy type supported by Velocity (see Supported languages and extensions).

If you create a billable Transformation Center project, you have to be the creator of the Codebase project you want to use as reference. 

When you click Create a new project button, you will see a pop-up with a recap of the project and billing information. See Billing and Usage.
Once the creation process is done, you will be redirected to the main Transformation Center dashboard, similar to the Codebase dashboard.
Besides the Transformation Center project, we also create a separate Usage report in Business in which you have access to the history of actions of the Transformation Center project.

Build your team

The Transformation project relies on some information from the Codebase project. For security reasons, only members of the reference Codebase project with the Assets permission can be invited.

If the member is not invited to the reference Codebase project, you can invite them simultaneously in the two projects, i.e. Codebase and Transformation.

Members of the Transformation project have the same permissions as in Codebase. For example, if the user does not have the right to see Management in Codebase Project, the columns related to Management (workpackages, status, labels) would not be displayed in the Inputs > Files module.

Members of the Transformation project have full access over the modules: Inputs and Velocity.

Download authorizations are defined when adding a new member. If the owner of the Reference Codebase project has deactivated code source and Excel reports downloads, these options cannot be edited.