Billing and Usage


The usage of the Transformation Center (TC) is charged following the pricing model described here. For each TC project, the pricing will be based on 2 elements in a pay as you go model:

  • Number of lines of code (LoC) transformed by Velocity. This is the number of total lines of code excluding empty lines for files/languages supported by Velocity only (see supported list – managed in BI back office)
  • Number of weeks of usage of the TC. A new week starts every 7 days after the creation of the project.

Invoicing starts at the creation of the project and stops when the user deletes it. There is no additional charge for re-converting the same code multiple times within the same TC project.



Users access AWS Blu Insights through the AWS console using an account ID. This latter will be used by the billing mechanism.


Weeks of usage

In Transformation Center, after clicking on Create a new project, Blu Insights displays a pop-up with the different information (User creating the project, Project creation date…).

Once the user confirms (double confirmation), the project is created and the owner can use the TC project. The billing of the first week is then validated and the calculation of the usage weeks are activated. To stop the billing, users have to delete the TC project. However, usage information and activity history will still be available in the Business service.


Lines of code

For each Velocity Runs, Blu Insights calculates the number of new lines of code to be billed. This information is displayed for the user in the last pop-up of the Run.

number of new lines of code

If all the files of the Run has been already transformed, the user is informed.

Run has been already transformed

Codebase Catch-up

Catch-up is a Codebase feature that users can use to add files to the project. Since a TC references a Codebase project, the added files will also be available in TC. There is no charge for adding files to the codebase. The user is informed how many lines will be added in the TC. This modification will be logged in the Usage and the new files will be managed like all files.




Users of the Transformation Center can see all the details of their activities in the project impacting the billing. Those activities are available in the project itself and also in the Business service.

Inside the TC project

The module “Usage” is divided into two sections:

  • Project details: Project creator, Creation date, Weeks, Lines of code: Transformed lines of code / total Lines of Code)

Project details

  • Activities: all activity including the creation of the project, launch of Runs, new weeks start…


Inside Business service

In Business, users with Transformation Center projects can see the usage information (even once the Transformation Center project is deleted). For each project, we display columns with details (Creation Date, Delete Date, Number of weeks, Total Loc…).