What are the expected inputs for a codebase project?

In order to get the most of AWS Blu Insights features, the uploaded artefacts should be properly extracted. See this page for more details.

How can I upload my projects to AWS Blu Insights?

You need to upgrade your account. Contact us to discuss this further, see the certification page.

Does AWS Blu Insights handle embedded ZIP files?

Yes. If your initial archive contained embedded ZIP files, AWS Blu Insights will warn you on the Statistics page and will propose a feature to extract them. The project metrics are also updated at the end of the extraction.

Do I need to add extensions to my files?

No. If you upload files without extensions (which is frequent in Mainframe, iSeries and OpenVMS projects), you can leverage the classification to identify the underlying programming languages. The dependencies and cyclomatic complexity analysis will also rely on this feature.

What is the maximum size of a file that can be submitted?

We allow an import of less than or equal to 10GB. See below if your codebase is larger than that.

How to generate the archive to upload?

We recommend using 7-zip to generate an archive based on the 7z format. It has an better compression ratio than native zip tools.

How to deal with codebases larger than 10GB?

We recommend you to manually split your codebase into several archives. Once the archives generated, follow these steps:

Can I add extra information (more insights) to the uploaded files?

Yes. This can be done through customized labels and descriptions which can be manually inserted by selecting files or using the bulk import based on Excel files.

Can I preview my files directly in AWS Blu Insights?

It is possible to preview almost all file types (not MS Office files, e.g. .xlsx, Docx…) by clicking on their path in the tables or by clicking on the “View” icon when selected.

Is it possible to download my source code files?

Yes. Navigate to Assets > Statistics, click on the “…” button on the upper right corner of the page and select “Download files”. Some browsers may block the download so you need to explicitly allow pop-ups.

How can I find duplicated files?

If your project contains files having the same names, a tab called Homonym will list them on the Statistics page.

How can I find files that contain a specific content?

In Assets > Workspace, it is possible to search for words or regular expressions in the project files using the Search button (shortcut Ctrl+Shift+f). Read more.

How can I export an excel file with only the identical homonyms?

This can be done in Homonyms page by applying the ‘Homonyms – Identicals’ filter or typing “homonym types = ‘identicals'” in the filter field.

What is the maximum number of files and/or lines of code I can upload to AWS Blu Insights?

The largest codebase we tested contains 500 000 files cumulating 150 millions of code. If you get a larger codebase, please tell us!

Can I create a codebase project from a file hosted in an S3 bucket?

Yes, you only need to generate a presigned URL from your zip/7z file and paste it into AWS Blu Insights.

How can I create a codebase project from an S3 bucket?

You can create a codebase project from a legacy source code hosted in an S3 bucket by following these two steps:

  • On S3
    • Go to your S3 bucket
    • Select your archive (Zip or 7z)
    • Click on Actions
    • Click on “Share with a presigned URL”
  • On AWS Blu Insights
    • Enter Codebase
    • Click on “+ New”
    • Choose “S3 Bucket presigned URL”
    • Paste the presigned URL

NB: Make sure that the presigned URL has not expired before creating the new project.

Why does AWS Blu Insights ask for a pre-signed URL?

AWS Blu Insights needs a presigned URL to get access and copy the zip/7z file from the S3 bucket to the AWS Blu Insights infrastructure. Presigned URL is a temporary, secure way to access files inside S3 bucket via a signed URL generated and managed by AWS.

Do you make a copy from my S3 bucket to AWS Blu Insights infrastructure?

Yes. AWS Blu Insights copies the artefacts from S3 bucket to the infrastructure during the project creation.

Do I need to grant AWS Blu Insights permissions to access my S3 bucket?

No permissions are required. All you have to do is generating the presigned URL and pasting it into AWS Blu Insights while creating a new project. Make sure you use the URL before it expires.

Should I keep my artefacts in my S3 bucket after creating the project?

No. Once AWS Blu Insights creates the project, it never accesses again the bucket, so you do not need to keep the artefacts in S3 bucket after the project creation.

Why do I get an error when I upload certain file type in source code?

The issue pertains to the customer's environment, not AWS Blu Insights itself. The account lacks sufficient permissions, and the customer's network firewall policy is limiting file uploads to the Blu Insights SaaS endpoint.