Workspace is an IDE-like feature with a flexible layout and advanced research features to allow a deeper view of the uploaded codebase. It displays all the files and folders of the current project. Files can be opened in an advanced editor supporting syntax highlighting and search for all supported programming languages. Writing your BQL query filters the files of Explorer and Search views.

Selecting a file allows you to edit its properties (status, labels, etc.). Clicking on a file name in Explorer or Search view selects this file. You have two options if you want to select multiple files. Pressing “Ctrl” command while clicking on file names selects several files. Clicking on a first file then clicking on a second one while pressing the “Shift” command selects all the files between these two. When the files are selected, you can copy their names with the “Ctrl+c” command.Workspace - Multi-select

It is possible to search words or regular expressions in the project files using the Search button (shortcut Ctrl+Shift+f).

Workspace - Multi-select in search


A right-click on any file opens a contextual menu allowing to:

  • Download the file.
  • Select for Compare to select the selected file with a second one.

Workspace - Compare

With a right-click on the tab of an opened file, a menu with different options is shown, such as Close All, Close Other Files, or Toggle Maximized.

Workspace - Close
Workspace has several keyboard shortcuts allowing you to speed up its use and access particular features.

  • Ctrl+c : Copy
  • Ctrl+h : Find a word or an expression
  • Ctrl+p : Find a file from its name
  • Ctrl+g : Find a line from its number
  • Ctrl+o : Search for symbol
  • Ctrl+l : Select a line
  • Ctrl+Shift+i : Open Outline
  • Ctrl+Shift+f : Open Search
  • Ctrl+shift+) : Fold
  • Alt+m / Ctrl+Maj+e : Toggle maximized
  • Alt+click : Insert cursor
  • Shift+Alt+left : Extend selection
  • Alt+w : Close tab
  • Shift+Alt+w : Close all tabs
  • Ctrl+Alt+d : Switch to next tab
  • Shift+Alt+c : Collapse all side panels

Workspace - Keyboard shortcuts