Blu Insights Builder

AWS Blu Insights’ services are deliberately built as standalone blocks. For example when you create a Codebase project, a Generic analysis is launched under the hood to get the initial metrics (effective lines of code, empty lines of code..). Next, you may launch a Classification analysis to detect your project’s languages by analyzing their content. You may also launch a Complexity analysis or Dependencies analysis to visualize the relationships between your artifacts and detect any missing ones. The goal of these steps is to get a ready-for-assessment Codebase project and typically to get the first outputs from Transformation Center.

When you have been using AWS Blu Insights for several months or years, this process can become mechanical with almost no added value as the standalone blocks become more mature. Hence, AWS Blu Insights Builder simplifies this process and enables you to get your first outputs with a few clicks without having to launch everything manually.

To use AWS Blu Insights Builder, log in to your account, go to showcase page and click on Quickstart:


Note that AWS Blu Insights Builder usage is conditioned by your role’s ability to create Codebase projects. If your role does not permit you to create Codebase projects, you will not have access to Builder’s page.


You can choose your project’s archive either from a zip/7z file, from Secured Spaces or from an S3 bucket (just like creating a Codebase project). Once all required fields are ready, click on Create my projects.


Blu Insights Builder will:

  1. Create the Codebase project.
  2. Launch the Classification analysis.
  3. Launch the Complexity analysis.
  4. Launch the Dependencies analysis.
  5. Create the Transformation Center project if your role allows you to. See certification program.
  6. Launch the first Velocity Run with all the inputs.

When all these steps are done, you can download the Velocity outputs or weather report. If, for any reason, one or many steps fail, you can always re-launch them using the existing features.