How is security implemented in BluInsights?

Security is a core pillar of BluInsights. See this page to discover what has been implemented to protect you and your data.


Do I need to upload my source code to BluInsights?

Yes. You need to upload the source code of the legacy applications to be modernized. You will have full control over who can view it (cf Shared Space creation page).


Do I need to upload sensitive or private data to BluInsights?

No. The data needed for the modernization project (usually test cases) does not need to be uploaded to BluInsights.


Do my actions run on a dedicated or multitenant infrastructure? How does BluInsights isolate runs of other customers?

BluInsights is a multi-tenant SaaS application. Even though customers are sharing a common IT infrastructure, they are segregated so that the actions of one tenant cannot compromise the data or service of another tenant.
Each customer’s data is kept logically segregated from other tenants.


How does BluInsights encrypt my data?

All data in BluInsights is kept encrypted at rest and in transit. BluInsights configures server-side encryption (SSE) on all dependent resources that store data (disks and database). All of your data is encrypted with a BluInsights key. BluInsights also uses HTTPS to encrypt the service APIs.


Is my data backed up in case of an emergency?

Data is backed up in nearly real-time and written to multiple disks instantly physically separated from the primary servers to ensure fault tolerance. We can perform a full backup recovery in the event of a system-wide emergency.


Can I delete my data and their backups?

Yes, when you request a deletion of your Shared Spaces files, BluInsights will delete them with their backups almost immediately. For your Codebase projects, BluInsights will delete your files within a few minutes, and within 24 hours for their backups.


Which user permissions can I control in BluInsights?

BluInsights offers flexible data access control setup by allowing project owners to configure customized access roles, with more than 50 different permissions for user actions in BluInsights, and can be used to specify user access levels to certain features, actions and content. The People and Permissions documentation details how to manage this.


Who can delete a project?

Only users with the Owner profile can delete a project (Codebase, To-dos, Business, Versions Manager, Time Tracker, Transformation Center). Please note that we can not delete a Codebase project if a Versions Manager or a Transformation Center project references it.


Does BluInsights include an activity report?

Yes. BluInsights logs project events that can be consulted by allowed team members:


Which Regions does BluInsights support?

BluInsights is a global service and is accessible anywhere.