AWS Blu Insights offers a Time Tracker feature in order to manage the human resources of your project.

Create Project

In order to create a Timesheet project, choose a codebase source project. The form fields are filled with the information provided by the codebase project. You can also link an estimate in order to have more information like project duration, kickoff date or currency.


There are small cards with project information and a chart with man-hours per task.

Timesheet Dashboard

Timesheet module

Timesheet allows you to impute on the tasks defined in the project. The page is divided in two views, a calendar view to see at glance the tasks you have worked on during the month or the day view to see in details how many hours you have on each task.

Calendar view

Timesheet Calendar View

Day view

Timesheet Day View

Manager module

The manager module consolidates the information of every imputation in different tables. This feature contains memberstasks and tech profile views. Each view displays all the imputations grouped by different parameter.

Members View

This view shows the tasks imputed by each member with imputed hours and imputed days based on 8 hours per day (manageable in the project settings).

Members View

Tasks View

This view takes the task as root and displays for each task imputed hours and imputed days.

Manager Tasks View

Tech Profiles View

This view groups members by tech profiles and displays the tasks for each member.

Manager Tech Profile

Add Task

A task is represented by a name, a description, a color and Exclude of calculation. This toggle removes the task from the man-day and man-hour calculations.

Add Task Dialog

Add Tech Profile

A tech profile is represented by a name, a description and a daily rate. Tech profiles can be linked to members through the people page.

Add Tech Profile Dialog