CodeCommit Booster

What permissions do I need to set on my repository to enable this booster?

No permissions are required.

What permission policy do I need to set on the IAM role to enable this booster?

CodeCommit booster only requires codecommit:GetBranch and codecommit:CreateCommit. You have to set these two allowed actions in the policy attached to your IAM role. (see Policies and permissions in IAM)

Will this booster create a repository for me?

No. You have to create your repositories and branches directly in CodeCommit.

How do I troubleshoot when I encounter errors while pushing outputs?

Check your IAM role configuration by clicking on Try to connect in the booster. 
Make sure the target repository and branch exist.
Make sure the pushing elements differ from the last commit of the target branch.

Who is authorized to use the CodeCommit booster in my project?

All the members of the Transformation Center project.

How do you guarantee my repository is not accessible by third parties?

Within the proposed configuration (based on the unique ExternalID context key), only Blu Insights can access your repository (See AWS External ID).

How do you guarantee the External ID is unique?

We use UUID-4 to generate the External ID.

Why did you provide this CodeCommit booster?

With CodeCommit booster, you only need to create it once in your project, and leverage it afterwards to push your outputs. This will release users from manual download, unzip, import, etc. and add efficiency in the whole process.

Can I use this booster with other source control services (e.g. GitLab, GitHub...)?

For now, only AWS CodeCommit is supported. 

I don't want to use this booster. How can I get my outputs?

You can download your outputs.