Datasets regroup any data, videos, screenshots, documents, etc. useful to properly run Test Scenarios. They can be displayed as a list or by type (Data, Document, Video, and Other). They can also be nested in the case of related datasets (e.g. a table dump with scripts and documentation). Datasets can be viewed on their own page or in the Test Scenario page (if they have been associated).

Add a new Dataset

A dataset is described with a list of properties.

  • Name and Description.
  • Parent: in case of nested datasets.
  • Type: the type of datasets among a predefined list.
  • Location: the server and/or folder where datasets are hosted.
  • Status: any specific status to qualify the datasets (Done, Validated, Corrupted…)
  • Availability: the date on which the datasets have been shared in the project.
  • Labels: any custom tag if needed.

Get your datasets in the Test Scenario Page