Control Card (CTL) is the datasets (can also be an instream data) which has the information likes SYSIN, SYSTIN, etc. It also provides information specific to a particular program in a format that the program writer defines. For example, DFSORT has control statements such as SORT, MERGE, INCLUDE, OMIT, INREC, OUTREC, SUM, OUTFIL, OPTION, etc. These are all defined in "z/OS DFSORT Application Programming Guide"

Linkage Editor Control Statements

Include Statements

INCLUDE statement implies dependencies on “Program” file.


Where program is the name of the Program (COBOL, JCL, PROC, REXX, PL1, RPG, ASM, LNK, EZT or CTL) in the project. LIBRARY is the user specified sub-library. Example for the library are PRODLIB, MODLIB.