How do I launch the classification analysis?

In Assets, under the ‘Statistics’ tab, you can launch the classification in the “…” upper right menu (see the Classification for the more details).

Why do I need to launch the classification before dependencies analysis?

The dependencies analysis relies on the file types to apply the right finders.

Does the classification process files with extensions?

No. The classification ignores files with an extension except .TXT (see the Classification documentation).

Which languages are supported?

See Languages page.

Why some files are still “Unknown” after a classification?

The classification either doesn’t have enough clues to determine the file types (e.g. low number of lines, no specific content, etc.) or those file types are not supported yet (refer to supported list for more information).

Is it possible to change the classification result?

Yes. See Manage Types.

Why does the classification cannot recognize multiple Control Card (CTL) files in my Codebase?

CTL files do not contain specific content that allows to detect them independently from other files, i.e. Job Controls (JCL) that refers to Control Cards.

Is it possible to add my own patterns to classify files?

Yes. See Workspace.