This section contains all the system utilities (PowerBuilder, Java, .Net …) that Velocity product support.

System utilities are the various utilities provided by a programming language such as API, libraries, packages, product add on, etc.

AWS Blu Insights proposes three different views:

  • List View: All system utilities are listed at the same level.
  • Label View: All system utilities are grouped by label.
  • Technology View: All system utilities are grouped by technology.

You can add a system utility, label, or technology by clicking on the +Add button.

The creation of a System Utility requires:

  • A name.
  • A description.
  • Velocity support: to specify if Velocity Runtime supports among 3 possible options (Supported, Not Supported and Not Required).
  • Labels: The labels linked to System Utilities.
  • Technologies: The technologies linked to the System Utilities.

To edit or delete a System Utility, use the Selection Properties which automatically appear when one or many System Utilities are selected. You can also filter System Utilities by name.