Blu Insights dashboard


Get a quick overview of your project with highly customizable dashboards. You can create dashboards as much as you want and share them to anyone.


Dive straight into your insights with a large amout of information (comment lines, empty lines, total lines, etc.).

Assets of Blu Insights
Blu Insights Analysis


Tune your analysis with our provided classification tools.


 Inspect your dependencies with an intuitive built-in graph.

Blu Insights Dependencies
Blu Insights Filters


Filter with a BQL query to focus on specific targets.

Show/Hide columns

Customize shown/hidden columns to display only needed information.

Customize the columns
Extract any data

Export to Excel

 Extract any data in an Excel workbook file.


Boost productivity with an overview that gives all team members what they need. It’s all about knowing who’s working on what and when. AWS Blu Insights offers a high degree of flexibility by allowing users to define their own progress workflow by creating custom status and workpackages.

Boost productivity
Actions in Imports


To deliver better and faster, any team has to build and learn with each iteration based on its favorite methodologies (e.g. Shape up, Scrum, Kanban, …). Just track and manage these iterations with our To-Dos cards.


Plan upcoming events with our built-in calendar system.

Plan upcoming events
Blu Insights Transformation Center

Transformation Center

Transformation Center allows you to decompose, configure and run your transformations to get within few clicks the modernized source code.