Specific Configurations

AS400 Specificity

Handling specific added technical columns

When you try to load data coming from PF files in AS400 context, Analyzer tool add technical columns to each table scripts. However those additional data are not contained in data file provided by customer, so the Data Migrator provides a mechanism to add artificially those missing data in Data loading step.    
The tool try to reach out the fixed-values.properties file into the targeted input folder. If the file is found, it is considered. He should looks like this :


To each inserted row, the tool will add those column values. 
To prevent to add a new entry in this file for each new table (PF), the defaultFixedValues property exists for a loading step.

In most case, customer data comes from a unique Datafile and the sample describe above is enough. 
In business term, it allows to load different DataFiles (AS400 data) by managing specific partitions for them.

This property will be used for each table that do not appear in the fixed-values.properties files. 
The fixed values can still be overridden for a particular table if needed using the fixed-values.properties file. 
When defining the Fixed values, you can use the special keywords: FOLDER and FILENAME that will help populating the srcfile and member column.



FOLDER and FILENAME will be evaluated for each file being processed in the data folder.

Meaning of the special keywords:

FOLDER = last folder in the path of the file, without the separators 
ex: C:\migration\data\DataFIles\PKTTYP\FILE1.txt => FOLDER = PKTTYP 
FILENAME = Data file name, without the extension 
ex: C:\migration\data\DataFIles\PKTTYP\FILE1.txt => FILENAME = FILE1

KANJI Specificity

In the same way it's possible to use our CUSTOM930 charset in runtime, this charset is also available for this tool. 
This charset already includes on its own the CodePointShift mechanism. So when using this charset, do not apply the CodePointShift property.