Which database driver versions are compatible with Data Migrator?

Compatible database drivers:

  • MSSQL: 12.6.0.jre11
  • POSTGRESQL: 42.6.0

These are available in Data Migrator S3 bucket (s3://toolbox-data-migrator/latest/3rd-party-db-drivers.zip)

Where we need to put the driver files to configure the Data Migrator?

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a folder 'drivers' in your migration project root folder, i.e. migrationProjectPath.
  2. Create the folders (MSSQL, ORACLE, POSTGRE) in folder 'drivers'.
  3. Put in each folder the driver corresponding to each database (See driver versions).

How to use path in Docker?

To run the data migrator in the Docker by specifying the SQL Model JSON file or database driver path in the configuration, we need to add to the Docker command: -v pathInComputer:pathInDockerImage        
And in the configuration file, we need to specify pathInDockerImage as path of sql model json file or database driver.

Docker command will be like this:     
docker run --rm -v [migrationProjectPath]:/home -v pathInComputer:pathInDockerImage 170644325583.dkr.ecr.eu-west-3.amazonaws.com/data-migrator:latest -root /home -configurationIni [configurationFilePath];[stepsConfigurationFilePath]


  • -v: Volumes are the mechanism for persisting data generated and used by Docker containers
  • pathInComputer: Path of the SQL Model JSON file or database driver in the System/computer
  • pathInDockerImage: Path of the SQL Model JSON file or database driver in Docker image
  • migrationProjectPath: Absolute path to your migration project
  • configurationFilePath: Relative path to your migration configuration file
  • stepsConfigurationFilePath: Relative path to your migration steps configuration file

How to use database DNS name or IP address in Docker?

Use 'host.docker.internal' as the value for the dataBaseHost and server.host properties in your file if your database is installed on the server where you are running Docker.

During migration I am getting error with an empty line. What should I do?

In order to migrate the database which contains empty lines, use the property ignoreDeletedRecords with value as true. If still error is persisting with property, then check whether the latest version of the data-migrator tool is used.