Terminals installation

AWS Blu Insights Terminals runs on the customer environment. This guide focuses on how to run it in an ECS Fargate Task, but it can also be launched in a cloud environment using Docker.

Make sure you requested the tool on Blu Age Toolbox of AWS Blu Insights before moving to the next sections


  • Approved request for your AWS account in Blu Age Toolbox module
  • Access to the AWS ECS service

Steps of setup

  1. In ECS, create a task definition with the following options, leave the other ones by default:
    1. Launch type: AWS Fargate
    2. OS: Linux/X86_64
    3. Image URI in container: 170644325583.dkr.ecr.eu-west-3.amazonaws.com/standalone-terminals:latest
  2. In ECS, create a cluster, and a service with the below options, leave the other ones by default:
    1. Launch type: FARGATE and latest as platform version
    2. Application type: Task with your task definion as family, latest as revision
  3. Open the public IP address once the task is running. The default port is 80


We log by default messages of socket creation and termination, and data exchange. For more detailed logs, you can add an environment variable to the docker container named JAVA_NET_LOG_OPT.         
It points to a java option javax.net.debug=, and it takes values like all and ssl. For more information about debugging, you can visit ReadDebug and DebugBlog.