Global capture strategy

Setting up a capture (or record) campaign requires the implication of the actual users of the legacy application. They play a major role in playing the use cases to be recorded by AWS Blu Insights Terminals and replayed later on the modernized application. This campaign has to be prepared to get out the largest benefits of this phase. We typically recommend following these steps:


  • Set up a secured connection between AWS Blu Insights Terminals and your environment (e.g. with a VPN).
  • Make sure the connection is up and functional using your favorite terminal (e.g. IBM iAccess, or ZOC8).
  • AWS Blu Insights Terminals does not store any data during the capturing process. Yet, you need to ensure the test environment is free from any regulated data (PII/PHI/PI …)
  • Create or identify the test credentials to be used to connect to the Mainframe/iSeries system. Often, different credentials with different authorization levels will be needed to cover different scenarios.


  • Record a video of a typical test scenario using any video recording tool (such as CamStudio). Ensure that verbal information is added to indicate any shortcut of function key use (tab, FXX, mouse clicks…).
  • Use AWS Blu Insights Terminals to replay exactly the same scenario to make sure you have all the needed configurations (especially Macros).
  • Check the content of the video, JSON and Selenium SIDE files to make sure you get all the details you will need later for the replay.

  • Replay the Selenium on the modernized application. This is critical and must be done at least on one scenario.


  • Now you are ready to start mass recording by asking more users to record more scenarios.

You may look at the FAQ for more details.