Say hello to workpackages in Transformation Center

March 2023

Dear Blu Insighters,

Almost all AWS Blu Insights pages allow to see the data in different views. For example, in Codebase > Assets > Files, you can click on the 3 icons on the right of the filter bar to see the same data as a list of files (Files view), as Folders (folders view) and as paths (Paths view). All those views answer different complementary needs for assessments, management, exploration, etc.

We keep adding more and more of those views to let you get all the data representations you need. One of the latest view we built is the Workpackages view (in TC > Velocity > Runs). This view is particular as it combines data from different sources, i.e. Codebase (Workpackages) and Transformation Center (Inputs and Runs).

Starting from today, you can leverage this view to answer many questions, such as:

  • Which Velocity versions were used to modernize a workpackage?
  • What are the Velocity runs that we’re used to modernize my project?
  • How many lines of codes have been already transformed?

Workpackages are available in the TC


For more details, check the Browse Runs in the Transformation Center documentation.

If you have questions or suggestions, please reach out to us at .