Capture & Replay – Working backward to deliver a better product

Hi all,

During the last weeks, the team iteratively worked on the Capture & Replay service, especially the TN5250 terminal for the ongoing AWS Blu Age modernization projects (+400 test scenarios recorded and being integrated into the CI toolchain).

We receive feedback from end-users covering different aspects: missing interactions, generated outputs, test scripts’ length, user-friendliness, etc. The exercise is tricky as it involves multiple stakeholders (testers, developers, business users, AS400 operators…) with various perspectives and needs. As a result, the outcome is a far better product. For instance, the latest version released last week embeds the following improvements:

  • Reduction of the SIDE file size by 20% (for a faster loading).
  • Integration of a recommendation and alert system for test duration (for a better integration).
  • Generation of Selenese-runner compliant files (for faster execution).
  • Improvement of the readability of the Side files (for a better formatting).
  • Integration of the timestamps for the commands (for easier debug).

We also built a standalone version of the terminals available in preview. This new application brings exactly the same features, but it is available outside of AWS Blu Insights. If you are interested in beta tests, please let us know.

A special thanks to Wladimiro (@wladsc) and Robert (@rleang) for their help and valuable feedback to improve the tooling.

Thank you.

A maintenance operation is scheduled on June 1, 2023 (from 9:00 am to 9:30 am). During this time, AWS Blu Insights will be unavailable.