[Video] Capture & Replay illustrated on CardDemo

April 2023

Dear Blu Insighters,

Making sure the modernized application behaves exactly as the legacy one (aka functional equivalence) is not an option for successful modernization projects. Testing is difficult and requires a holistic approach combining initial and target conditions with given datasets, user interfaces, test cases, etc. A very simplistic description would be: we need to capture (or record) the test scenarios on the legacy application and replay them on the modernized one.

This is exactly what Capture & Replay service in AWS Blu Insights does for screen (online) testing leveraging built-in TN3270 and TN5250 terminals.

In a simplified workflow:

  1. Users of the legacy application (business owners) use the terminal to play a scenario
  2. Blu Insights will capture all the screen inputs and user actions

The outputs are

  • a video of all the scenario
  • a JSON file containing all the extracted information from the screens and time-stamped users’ actions
  • a Selenium script that can be run on the modernized application

The Selenium script can be adapted if needed using the Selenium IDE.

In order to illustrate the service, we modernized CardDemo using AWS Blu Age (this is part of the accreditation program) and recorded a test scenario on the legacy application running on ENSONO.

This video shows the entire process:


For more information, read our documentation.

Thank you.