Login/Registration (deprecated)

Can I use IAM to manage access to AWS Blu Insights?

No. AWS Blu Insights does not run as a service in your AWS account, so you cannot manage access to it through your account IAM policies. All access is controlled through AWS Blu Insights roles.


How to reset authenticator (for legacy accounts)?

Please email bluinsights-support@amazon.com with your email account. Once a dedicated member of our team answers you, you will be able to re-configure your MFA device on your next login.


How do I update my name, email, or password?

Update your Profile in a snap! Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of AWS Blu Insights and in order to edit your information, select Profile in Menu.


Why does my account get disabled?

For security reasons, we disable inactive accounts (no login for over 30 days). Although AWS Blu Insights alerts you prior to disable your account. If you need to re-activate it, please email bluinsights-support@amazon.com


How to reset my password (for legacy accounts)?

To reset your password, navigate to the Forgot Password page, and fill your email address.

An email will be sent to your email address containing the link to reset your password. Please note that the link is only valid for 15 minutes.


How to re-enable my account?

If your account has been disabled because of inactivity and you want to re-enable it, follow the instructions on the login page.

My account has not been validated. What should I do?

AWS Blu Insights is accessible only for Certified individuals with the AWS Refactor Accreditation Program and AWS Blu Age customers. Please email bluinsights-support@amazon.com to let us know your actual situation (e.g. certification level, team/manager, AWS Blu Age projects, etc.). The AWS Blu Insights team will get back to you with a response on one business day. If you are about to participate to a training session, your account will be activated the first day. Your trainer will keep you informed.


Why I did not receive an email to reset my password (for legacy accounts)?

If your account is disabled, AWS Blu Insights will not send you a link to reset your password. You need to contact the support to enable your account first.