Can I add files to existing projects?

Yes. This can be done through the Catch-up module.

What happens if I upload existing files?

If the imported file has the same path as the existing one, it will overwrite it. Otherwise, the imported file will be added in the codebase.

How can I do a Catch-up from an S3 bucket?

  • On S3:
    • Go to your S3 bucket
    • Select your archive (Zip or 7z) file
    • Click on “Actions”
    • click on “Share with a presigned URL”
    • Specify the “Time interval until the presigned URL expires”
    • Click on “Create presigned URL”
  • On Blu Insights
    • Open your Codebase project
    • Click on “Catch-up”
    • Choose “S3 Bucket presigned URL”
    • Paste the presigned URL