Single Sign-on

Do I need to log in to the AWS console to use AWS Blu Insights?



Does the SSO impact project team members (including partners and customers)?

No. However, they will all need AWS accounts.


Do team members have to use the same AWS account ID?



How to enter AWS Blu Insights from the AWS Console?

1. Log in to the AWS Console
2. Navigate to AWS Mainframe Modernization service
3. Select Refactor with Blu Age and click on “Get Started”
4. Click on “Continue in Blu Insights”

Here is a recording guiding you through the first SSO access with an AWS Account/Role combination that hasn’t yet accessed Blu Insights:


And this one shows the SSO access for approved accounts:


How to migrate a legacy AWS Blu Insights account to SSO?

AWS Blu Insights will detect if the entered email is linked to a legacy account and will guide you through to migrate to SSO. You will receive an email asking you to confirm that you want to link your legacy account to the concerned AWS Account and role.

Here is a recording guiding you through the process:


No. For each AWS account, you will create a new Blu Insights environment. Remember, the AWS account used for the environment will be charged for Transformation Center usage. A good practice is to use emails following this pattern: <<alias>>+<<AWS account ID>>@<<domain>>.


I have one AWS account. Can I have multiple Blu Insights environments on it?

Yes. One Blu Insights environment can be created for every role on the account.


Are you going to deprecate the legacy login/register mechanism? If yes, when?

Yes. The register form will be disabled with SSO deployment (planned for March 31st). The login form will be disabled on April 30th, 2023.