Terminal emulation

AWS Blu Insights Capture & Replay provides an access to character-based hosts. It can connect to mainframes or AS400 environments via TN3270 or TN5250 terminals.


AWS Blu Insights is not intrusive and connects to the host through a standard socket connection, without specific installation expected on the mainframe, or AS400.

The connection type is customizable. It can be a simple Telnet connection, Telnet/SSL or TLS v1.2. For this last option, the user needs to provide a certificate with its private key or a keystore with its password. The server may use them for client authentication.

There are three additional options for the terminals:

  • The character encoding of the host.
  • The workstation type.
  • [TN5250 Only] The Workstation ID, also called Device Name or LU Number. It represents a dedicated LU name or number on the AS/400 5250 server that you want your 5250 sessions to connect through. If in doubt, leave this field blank. This field can only be used by a single session at a time.

Besides traditional terminal emulator features (display, cursor management, writing), AWS Blu Insights terminals manage the following features:

  • TAB and SHIFT+TAB keys allowing to go to the next or previous field.
  • Copy and Paste.
  • HOME button that places the cursor in the first field of the page.
  • END button that places the cursor at the position following the last character of the current field. If the field is full, it places the cursor at the last character.
  • SHIFT+END buttons that delete the text written in the field, starting from the cursor.
  • INSERT key allowing you to start or end Insert mode.
  • pageUp and pageDown to browse paginated screens.
  • Function keys (F1 to F24) mapping.
  • [TN5250 only] Quick Field Exit (+ on the numeric pad) and Quick Field Minus ( on the numeric pad) keys.