December 2023

AWS Blu Insights - Say Hello to Blu Age Toolbox

In order to deliver successful modernization projects, AWS Blu Age developed, tested and approved different products ⚒️ based on actual use cases. Those tools have been used on dozens of projects and their efficiency has been validated. In order to simplify their distribution to L3 Certified individuals, we created a new service in AWS Blu Insights called Blu Age Toolbox 🧰. This new service allows to:   

  • see at a glance the lists of the products, their documentations and distribution mode.
  • request access to one or multiple products.
  • follow requests and their status.

L3 Certified individuals can request access to these tools directly using They need to fill a form with their project details 📃. Once their request is approved, they will receive installation documentation by email.    


For now, the proposed products are:

  • Terminals: offers TN3270, and TN5250 terminals for connection to mainframe or AS400 environments. The Terminals record user interactions with the legacy applications, and generates artifacts that validate the modernized applications.
  • Compare Tool: compares files and database tables to obtain detailed reports to check functional equivalence.
  • Data Migrator: provides data and schema migration for Blu Age modernization projects.

The distribution mode of these tools can be:

  • Docker image to pull from an ECR.
  • Binaries 🗃️ of the tool in an S3 Bucket where it can be downloaded.

Existing legacy distribution modes (if any) will be removed in the next days.

Thank you!