The team is excited to see how hundreds of users are adopting the solution to modernize legacy applications and move them to the Cloud. We have an ambitious plan for this year and the first outcomes are already here in this release full of improvements and new features. You may also noticed that AWS Blu Insights moved from to!


New features


  • Users are now notified by email when their project is created and ready (no need to wait in front of the screen, although we have a nice collection of funnies).
  • You can download the dependencies result as a JSON file if the graph’s generation fails, but the dependencies’ computation succeeds (we just wanted to make sure it does not block you but believe us, you never see that).
  • If for any reason you want to force the encoding of your files (expert mode), you will be able to.
  • We alert users if the dependency analysis becomes outdated and needs to be relaunched (e.g. new files added using Catch-up.


Capture & Replay

  • You can now pause and resume the recording. This may be useful if you need to do some intermediate activities and thus will not have a long video with a long inactivity period.
  • Support enabled for workstation id for TN5250 to specify how the server will configure sessions.
  • Host Code Page support for TN5250 to specify the Code Page used by the emulator
  • Recording duration is now displayed next to the recording buttons to let you monitor a reasonable test scenario duration.



  • Permissions on dashboards are now managed through users profile.



Transformation Center

We have made most of the improvements to speed up Runs launching and results display.

  • Only Velocity output files are displayed in the Runs view. We removed the includes files to reduce loading time and improve readability of the results (no more ignored status). A new button in the toolbar allows to show Velocity Includes used during a specific Run.
  • We ignore dependencies extraction when all the selected files are supported by Velocity. This allows to reduce unnecessary computation.
  • Parallel Runs are now proposed to users only when AWS Blu Insights require them (i.e. +50M loc in the Run).
  • We added a maximal Run limit to avoid performance flaws dealing with Runs page. From now, you cannot keep over 50 Runs (which is sufficient for all projects).
  • We removed “Select artifacts” action from Issues since “Load issues” is easier to use.
  • We automatically disable the Refactor action (and skip it during Run execution) if we find no Refactor zip.
  • We added the columns “Effective lines of code”, “Contractual lines of code”, “Number of Issues” and “Total lines of code” to the Runs.
  • Users can now delete multiple Runs.
  • Users can delete all the Patch configurations.
  • We added a filter to the form Metadata/Property set to facilitate the search for the properties. Velocity properties can now be filtered in the Metadata and Property set configuration based on their name or description.
  • We added advanced filtering options in Configuration.
  • Update existing project configurations when non-editable properties are edited, added, or removed.



  • We removed the project size calculation (this information is not useful, and it takes time to compute on large project creations).
  • We redesigned the UX of “Show” and “Select” menus in dependencies graph.
  • We improved the performance in tree tables (Statistics, Files, …) for large projects.
  • We explicitly tell the users of project creation fails cause (e.g. archive protected with a password, too much files, corrupted archive…).
  • The “Manage type” option is now disabled after adding new unknown files with Catch-up.
  • CL comments highlighting improved in file visualization.
  • In Catch-up, users are informed when the module is not available for the demo projects and during ongoing analysis.



  • We refactored the missing labels to refer to a category of source files instead of a list of wanted file types, for example “Missing Program” instead of “Missing[COB, PL1, RPG]”
  • We optimized the dependencies analysis performance, especially for very long statements and files.
  • In JCL, irrelevant “CICS FILE FILE DEFINITION” missing node are now deleted.
  • In Cobol, a program without “PROCEDURE DIVISION” is now analyzed correctly.



  • We added the support for IMS (Information Management System), PSB (Program Specification Block), DBD (Database Description) generation and MFS (Message Format Service)
  • We improved detection of ASM, Easytrieve, JCL, PL1, CSD and LISTCAT language.


Shared Spaces

  • You can now invite multiple users at once (comma separated emails).
  • Searching results in Shared Spaces includes their related files.


Capture & Replay

  • Removed empty fields verification from json and side files.
  • Several layouts improvements have been added (e.g. states, underlying, colors)


System Utilities

  • Technologies and label columns are sorted in alphabetical order.
  • When system utilities are selected, the count number in the selection pop-up is updated.



  • Do not allow creating projects with special characters in the name to avoid errors when downloading files.
  • Support the preview of .webm and .mov videos


Website & Documentation


Bug fixes


  • Delete files with labels can’t be done.
  • Update an event in Schedule will create a new event.
  • The save button of subgraphs is not working.


Transformation Center

  • In the table of Runs, when selecting multiple actions and clicking on the load issues button, the issues are not loaded correctly.


Capture & Replay

  • Actions in the last position of a field or in screens without fields are not captured in TN5250.



  • Pictures are not saved in the description fields of To-Do cards.


Behind the scene

  • We added +40 more test cases (for front-end, back end and security).
  • We performed a security update of all AWS Blu Insights (infrastructure, dependencies, etc.).
  • We participated to an AWS Blu Age training sessions (+80 participants).