New features


  • Codebase projects cannot be deleted if they are referenced in Versions Manager and/or Transformation Center projects in order to avoid inconsistency.
  • Cobol dependencies
    • Add support for EXEC CICS DATASET
    • Add support for dynamic calls for EXEC CICS FILE
    • Add the UNLOCK action for EXEC CICS DATASET/FILE

Transformation Center

  • A set of filters are automatically inserted in new projects.
  • Source code inputs and patches (last version for each input) can be downloaded.


Transformation Center

  • Issues view has been updated to make issues analysis easier and faster.
  • The extraction of required dependencies has been changed to better align with projects practice.
  • Runs view loading time has been reduced (especially when it contains multiple Runs).
  • Deleting inputs and patches performance has been enhanced.

Capture & Replay

    • TN5250 and TN3270 : Added underline on fields.
    • Added screen size selection in the connection page
      • TN3270 supports 24×80
      • TN5250 supports 24×80, 27×132 and automatic screen size


      • Homonyms table can be automatically expanded/collapsed.

      Bug fixes

      Transformation Center:

      • Issue view does not load if related artifacts have been deleted.
      • Patches cannot be deleted.
      • Configuration attributes cannot be edited or removed in the Console.
      • Metadata properties are not synchronized with the Console.
      • For TXT files, the Velocity support check considers the file type.
      • Before launching Velocity, update the path of the selected patched inputs.
      • Fix Velocity dialog steps.
      • Impossible to create a TC project using a codebase project with txt files and a supported legacy type that wasn’t detected as a valid project by TC.

      Capture & Replay (TN5250):

      • Tab are not working to change field.
      • Backspaces cannot go at the start of a field.
      • Videos and screenshots are ignoring fields when the server is not defining the color.
      • The emulator sometimes ignores the last character of a field.
      • Pop-up not displayed correctly.
      • The restore command from the server is ignored.


      • RPG
        • Add a filter to avoid RPG keyword as missing dependencies.
        • PF files are now a potential target for SQL queries.
        • Handle dynamic calls through constant.
        • Handle RPG line continuation with ellipsis and hyphen.
      • Mainframe
        • Fix missing dependency type when using dynamic calls for EXEC CICS DATASET and EXEC CICS FILE.
      • Several graphs can now be edited at the same time.


      Documentation: The website (and documentation) has been updated with all the novelties.