It’s the summer, our team is taking a few days to relax, take some rest and come back later full of energy to deliver new features. During this batch, we mainly focus on improvements, documentation updates and a lot of non-visible work (test automations, technical updates, security checks, etc.). Here are the main achievements.


New features

Transformation Center

  • Split large amount of inputs between multiple runs. Large legacy applications can take some time to be modernized by velocity. Splitting them will launch multiple parallel runs.
  • Relaunch runs if they are failed or blocked in progress for a long time. It will relaunch the run from scratch, deleting all the previous outputs.
  • Order metadata sections in configuration section. The chosen order is applied while generating the metadata file.

Capture & Replay

  • Added a new “Connection Type” option before connecting with 2 choices : “Telnet” & “Telnet/SSL”


  • In the project creation form, you can now specify the encoding of the source code files (same for Catch-up)



Transformation Center

  • Performance: improve loading time on Input page.
  • Bulk upload of patches is visible with a Toaster.
  • Dashboard Settings made easy by selecting all the velocity charts.


  • Mainframe
    • Cobol
      • Improved usage of prefixes and suffixes in “COPY” statement
    • RPG
      • Improved the creation of dependencies from RPG program data area
      • Ignore “/TITLE” keyword
      • Handle RPG DDS I/O declaration used in “F” lines
    • SQL
      • Better handling of “CREATE OR REPLACE”
    • Various
      • Handle dependencies between “CMD” files and mainframe programs
      • Handle dependencies between mainframe programs and “BND” files
  • UX: Add a loading when extracting, merging or editing subgraphs



Transformation Center:

  • Dashboard view not showing due to deleted files.
  • Run end date should be the last executed action end date.


  • Some old estimates had an issue because of the missing workload step.

Shared Space

  • When a filter is applied and removed, sizes are now correct in tags.
  • When we share a file, our own email address is no longer mentioned in the phrase “Uploaded content will be shared with…”.


  • Manage Extensions:Shows the new extension when the transformation is in progress.
  • Dashboard – Total documents per status chart:When we use the Total Documents by Status chart and apply a filter, the correct values ​​are displayed.
  • Task Status could not be deleted if assigned to a Document.


  • In To-Dos type projects, the Excel export of status and labels offers to select the right columns linked to the section.


  • Login/Register: The “Login” and “Register” buttons are the correct color when using auto completion.

Documentation: The website (and documentation) has been updated with all the novelties.