We are pleased to announce a new version of AWS Blu Insights (Lilac-Throated Roller). This release brings multiple improvements, bug fixes and new features as depicted below.


    • RPG: QDDS/QDDSI and PF/LF files are respectively now linked based on their respective names.
    • SQL: Comment, Delete and Drop statements are now handled.
    • Link types:
      • edges can have multiple types if relevant.
      • link types can be filtered to look for specific dependency types.
    • UX:
      • More details about the graphs (creator, data, size, etc.) are displayed.
      • The zoom is automatically reset after applying global layouts.


Transformation Center
  • Mass patching is now possible (versions and comments are automatically generated).
  • Revert to the source code file (all the patched inputs of the specific file are automatically deleted).
  • Compare two files in order to track modification.
  • Automatic synchronization between Codebase projects and their related Transformation Center projects have been improved.



New keywords have been added:

  • “in all” to ensure that all elements of the given array have the filtered element.
  • “is empty”
  • “uncategorized” is applicable on workpackages, status and labels.

The column “issue” can now be filtered (issue = id of the issue)

  • Loading performance has been improved especially for projects using SAVF Extraction and Classification.
  • Homonyms are pre-filtered to compare only files with the same type.


Test Scenarios
  • A daily Test Scenario report is now sent to summarize the latest results and highlights those who failed.
  • The name and date of result updates are visible.


Most significant UX improvements
  • Home – It is possible to clear the list of recently visited projects.
  • Login/out – If your session expires, AWS Blu Insights will restore the last open page.
  • Activities – Images are correctly displayed in the properties dialog, activities, and emails.
  • To-Dos boards can now be filtered and sorted on creation date or name.
  • GitLab – activities related to the GitLab booster are logged.


Behind the scene

We have also been working on some features that are used behind the scene to improve the whole product. We list here the most relevant:

  • Dependencies debugger: we are building a debugger to let us (probably you in the future) to have, in addition to the dependencies graph, a suggestion of potentially missing links (especially for languages that are not supported yet) that can be inserted in the results and allow in a few clicks get more consistent dependencies.
  • Security: we collaborated with security experts in order to review and scan all AWS Blu Insights security (application, infrastructure, tools, dependencies, etc.) in order to make sure our customer data is always protected and securely stored.
  • Stability: we substantially increased the number of automated test scenarios of all our features to make sure we are always aligned with our promised SLA.