In addition to our regular activities, i.e. delivering new features, improvements, and bug fixes, the last AWS Blu Insights dev cycle focus has been dedicated to security and reliability. We depict below the main achievements.


Security and Reliability

Protecting customers data has always been a non-stop activity for the AWS Blu Insights team. In each batch (4 weeks dev cycle), we plan different topics to test and improve the security of the application, the infrastructure, the data workflow, the APIs/Frameworks versions, etc. During the last batch, we decided to check everything from scratch as it has never been done before! In fact, we checked all permissions, endpoints, security annotations, tokens validity, etc. We had also checked all our infrastructure configurations to apply all the recommended options and make sure nothing is set by default. We are also carrying out a deep security audit and pentest in collaboration with security experts.

PS: AWS Blu Insights does not use Apache log4j and thus has not been impacted by the security vulnerabilities detected a few days ago.


New features

  • GitLab Booster: It is now possible to connect AWS Blu Insights to your own GitLab and link your artifacts (files, test scenarios, and workpackages) to your GitLab CI Jobs and/or Issues. Specific charts have also been added for this booster.
  • Transformation Center: AWS Blu Age modernization experts can now create a specific project type to manage the transformation of their legacy assets. This new project type brings a new set of capabilities to accelerate, simplify and automate Velocity transformation projects:
  • Versioning of source code files
  • Tracking of files modification (patches) using specific attributes such as descriptions, versions, created by, etc.
  • Download and delete patched files
  • Advanced filtering options on patched file
  • Timesheets: Team members can report their activities directly into AWS Blu Insights (dedicated Time Tracker projects). Based on customized configuration (tasks, profiles, etc.), managers can track their project duration/budget.



  • Classification: Mainframe SAS (Statistical Analysis System files) and EZT (Easytrieve) detection enhancement.
  • Cyclomatic Complexity:  DotNet (C#) enhancements.
  • Dependencies:
    • Java: Performance improvement on large projects.
    • Mainframe & iSeries
      • Statements EXEC CICS MAPSET with INTO or SET term are now handled
      • Delete false missing due to statements in string value
      • JCL, INCLUDE MEMBER= can now address JCL or PROC files
      • Multiple minor fixes for Cobol
    • Natural
      • Delete false missing and dependencies due to inner subroutine call
    • Powerbuilder
      • Delete missing links due to indirect dependencies
  • UX/UI: Multiple small improvements have been implemented to enhance the UI and the UX.


Bug fixes: Multiple minor bugs have been fixed.
Updated documentation/Website: The documentation and the Website have been updated with new details/content.