The BluInsights team is excited to announce the release of the last version of BluInsights – Jack Snipe.
We have been working mainly on new features and improvements as described below:


New Features

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to add an extra layer of protection on top of your email and password.
  • Codebase Project Creation now supports Shared Space uploads.
  • Text editors now support task lists for better organization and tracking.
  • Transformation Center to manage Transformation projects in a dedicated space with direct access to Analyzer Checker.
  • Versions Manager:
    • Relaunch a comparison in Versions Manager projects. A warning icon will appear when the comparison needs to be relaunched (when files in compared projects are added or deleted).
    • File attributes are updated dynamically in Versions Manager projects.
  • Shared Spaces:
    • Move files across Shared Spaces.
    • Suggestions for users to invite on a Shared Space.
  • Dependencies Analysis tags missing dependencies as System if they are defined as a System Utility.



  • Classification:
    • Added support for LISTCAT
    • Improved detection of RPG PF (Physical files) and Easytrieve language.
  • Cyclomatic Comlexity: Improvements for Natural.
  • Dependencies:
    • Fixed Cobol’s dynamic call handling.
    • Fixed multiple issues for RPG:
      • Dynamic calls.
      • Free form.
      • More precise marging handling.
    • Added dependency type for Natural.
  • Estimates/Pipelines:
    • Ability to customize lists with icons for a better experience.
  • Homonyms:
    • Homonym files comparison by total, effective and commented lines of code.
    • Identify identical files and their distribution within a group of homonyms with the help of icons.
    • Identical files are highlighted with the same color in the Excel homonyms import.
  • Shared Spaces:
    • Users invited on a Shared Space have restricted actions (download only) on files they don’t own.
  • System Utilities:
    • Multiple UX&UI enhancements.