Hi there!

We have been intensively working on Blu Insights 3 and it is now available! It brings multiple new features and improvements as depicted below.


New features

  • Time Tracker to see at a glance time spent by your team on each task.
  • Library / Training to learn more about the modernization process, Blu Age technologies, and tools – all centralized in one place.
  • System Utilities to see at a glance what are the known/supported System Utilities among more than 1000 so far (Mainframe, OpenVMS, AS400, PowerBuilder…).
  • Shared Spaces to securely share source code, documents, and more with your colleagues and customers.
  • Versions Manager to compare codebase artifacts and detect added, removed, and modified files.
  • TN5250 for iSeries screen test cases capture & replay.
  • New Home to better organize the new services and get everything on a dedicated space.



  • Estimates & Pipelines:
    • Multiple UX&UI enhancements.
    • More options are proposed to customize the pipelines.
  • Workspace – it is now possible to edit the properties of search results (e.g. look for files containing a specific code pattern and apply to them a label or add them to a package).
  • Cyclomatic Complexity – better support for RPG Free form.
  • Dependencies: 
    • Mainframe option handles Assembly (inter-programs calls) and SQL (Alter tables).
    • Multiple improvements (performance, pattern detection, etc.) for all supported languages.
    • Multiple RPG Free statements support.
    • OpenVMS RUN statement added.
    • Missing and System added for Java and .Net
  • Website & documentation updated – https://bluinsights.aws/


What’s next?

  • Your feedback & inquiries.
  • Connect System Utilities to the dependencies analysis.
  • Create Codebase projects from Shared Spaces uploads.
  • Propose details about the modified lines of code in Versions Manager.
  • A bunch of improvements (UX, Performance, etc.).


Thank you to Emma, Afaf, Charlie, Abdelilah, Loïk, Houssam, Vincent, Khadija, Paul, Yassine, Nicolas, El Mahfoud, Quentin & Léo, builders of this new BluInsights.

Youssef on behalf of the BluInsights team.