During the last months, we have been working on BluInsights 2. A completely new designed product that brings multiple improvements and a plethora of new features! The website (and all related materials) will be also updated in the next few weeks. Here are some of the main modules of this new BluInsights:

  • Assets: All the information related to the source code is grouped in (all metrics, dependencies, homonyms…).
  • To-Dos: Task management is made easy thanks to this user-friendly module allowing to create, assign, share and track tasks among all the team members.
  • Schedule: Shared calendar to highlight important dates such as releases, deployments, etc.
  • Management: Everything you need to organize your modernization projects (timeline, workpackages, test scenarios, status, labels…) is grouped in this section.
  • Modernization Toolbox: A set of features allowing better integration with the modernization project (Analyzer Checker as a service, TN3270 Emulator for online screen capture…)
  • Documents: Create, share and organize all your project documentation in one single place.
  • Catch-up: Need to add extra source code files to your project and get an analysis impact, use this module.

This version relies on a new architecture allowing the manipulation of very large projects (>250 000 source code files and >100M lines of code) in all sections including graph visualization, dependencies analysis, classification, etc.

More details will be shared in the next release notes. So far, we are extensively using BluInsights 2 on some internal projects to validate all the modules. It will be available for all our partners and customers in a few weeks. In the meantime, BluInsights 1 remains available and maintained to bring all the required feature to accelerate modernization phases.